Parish Papers

Each monthly issue of The Parish Paper provides ideas, insights, research-findings, and practical methods that strengthen the effectiveness of congregations in accomplishing God’s purposes through their various ministries.

Unlike most newsletters, The Parish Paper is strictly a reprint-rights publication for congregations, judicatories, seminaries, and educational institutions. Subscribers receive copyright permission to photocopy or reprint and distribute each monthly issue to governing boards, committees, and constituents.

All issues, resources, and forms are in PDF. You might need to install Adode Reader to view them.

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January — How to Avoid Pastor Burnout
February — Downsize Staff Without Destroying Your Congregation
March — What Leadership Style Works

April — Oral Communication
May – Conversation Sand Traps
June — Making Informed Decisions 

December — How to Use Our Five Senses to Experience the Wonder of Advent
November — Maintain Church Health in Dec Population County
October – Preventing Church Fraud

September – Where are the Unchurched
August — Keys to Growing a Small Church
July — What Message Are We Sending About Giving?
June – Mission Possible More Men in the Pews

May – How to Turn Bystanders into Active Disciples
April — How is Your Congregation’s Health?
March — What Type of Future Are We Building
February — How to Manage Change Resistance
January – How to Perfect Your Leadership Triangle
December – How Do We Successfully Launch a New Project?
November – Should We Unleash the Power of Congregational Planning?
October – Why Do Smart Churches Make Dumb Decisions?
September – Why Do People Connect wtih Christ and a Congregation?
August – How to Prevent Bad Behavior During Times of Change
July – How to Select Quality Staff
June – What Is the Pastor’s Role in Church Finances?
May – When does Success Lead to Failure?
April – Incoming Pastors: Building Smoother Transition Bridges.
March – Does a Congregations Location Influence Its Effectiveness?
February – Accomplishing Worthy Goals: Being Smart Is not Enough!
January – What Is Your Unconscious Intent?

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